Take a load off your feet with MatsiMela’s new hand- and footcare range 

Self-care is the latest buzzword for women the world over. Instead of silently accepting their societal role as perpetual givers, women are taking time out for themselves to replenish their reserves before going out and fulfilling their endless obligations. Having a manicure or pedicure at a spa is one way of giving back to yourself. However, the spa feeling quickly fades when you have to go back to reality. MatsiMela’s latest offering aims to extend customers’ salon treatments.

“Our customers don’t have a lot of time. They’re very rushed and busy. However, they deserve time out at a spa and we realised that we need to add value to that,” says Wayne Nel, CEO of MatsiMela, which was started as a home business in 2005 by Nel and his wife Olivia. “We designed these products to complement what happens in a spa.”

Unlike bigger commercial brands which are only now joining the sustainable and natural beauty movement, the Nels have always been committed to using natural products “We endeavour to source and obtain our raw materials through southern African-based companies that, in turn, support local farms which produce our beautiful African Ubuntu oils and extracts,” the founders say.

Our hands and feet do many jobs which are hard on them, from standing for hours on end at supermarkets or over stoves to washing dishes, cleaning, gardening, using computer keyboards and walking long distances. Our feet, in particular, are often overlooked, but are actually essential to our well-being. According to reflexologists, feet have several vital pressure points that are connected to each part of our bodies.

The latest MatsiMela range contains a heel balm, a foot mask spray, a night serum for hands and a lightweight hand and décolletage cream.

The night serum is aimed at targeting pigmentation, reducing visible signs of ageing and protecting the skin’s DNA. The hand and décolletage cream is formulated to dramatically increase hydration within three hours and offers long-term hydration improvement of 56% percent over 21 days of use.

The foot range is designed to “hydrate, exfoliate and protect skin from harmful environmental elements”, say the Nels. It also removes dead skin and calluses.

MatsiMela has partnered with Placecol Skin Clinics to ensure that the products are widely available.

“We love partnering with quality brands,” says Placecol Group CEO Esna Colyn. “We’re proudly South African and want to create more jobs. We’re positive about our beautiful country.”

Put your best foot (and hand) forward by giving yourself a spa treatment in the comfort of your home. They’ve earned it!

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